ASC S2 – Mechanical Vibration and Shock
S2/WG02Terminology and Nomenclature in the Field of Mechanical Vibration and Shock and Condition Monitoring and Diagnostics of Machines
S2/WG04Characterization of the Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Viscoelastic Polymers
S2/WG05Use and Calibration of Vibration and Shock Measuring Instruments
S2/WG07Acquisition of Mechanical Vibration and Shock Measurement Data
S2/WG08Analysis Methods of Structural Dynamics
S2/WG09Training and Accreditation
S2/WG10Operational Monitoring and Condition Evaluation
S2/WG11Measurement and Evaluation of Mechanical Vibration of Vehicles
S2/WG12Measurement and Evaluation of Structures and Structural Systems for Assessment and Condition Monitoring
S2/WG14Prediction of Ground-Borne Noise and Vibration from Rail Transportation Systems
S2/WG15Shaft Alignment Methodology
S2/WG16Auxiliary Equipment for Shock and Vibration Measurements
S2/WG39Human Exposure to Mechanical Vibration and Shock (joint with S3)
S2/WG54Atmospheric Blast Effects