Ballot Participation

ASA encourages stakeholders from across the globe to participate in the balloting process. However, in order to vote, organizational membership is required but commenting is as simple as requesting a copy of the draft and a comment form. Once you request a copy of the draft, however, we do expect you will return your comment form — and we also require that you do so before the close date. To participate in commenting on an open ballot, please reach out to us at To learn about the benefits of becoming an organizational member, or to access our membership application, please visit:

Open Ballots 

If this is your first vote find your ballot number and click on that link to proceed. Important: If you are changing your vote please refresh your browser, find your ballot number, click on the link and this will allow you to update your vote. 

Committee Ballot No. Standard No. Title of Standard Link to Ballot Type of Action Open Date Close Date
S2 1424 S2.9-2008 (R20XX) Parameters for Specifying Damping Properties of Materials and System Damping Reaffirmation 11/16/2022 01/18/2023
S3 1263 S3.36-2012 (R20XX) Specification for a Manikin for Simulated in situ Airborne Acoustic Measurements Reaffirmation 10/10/2022 12/07/2022
S3 1390 S3.50-2013 (R20XX) Method for Evaluation of the Intelligibility of Text-to-Speech Synthesis Systems Reaffirmation 10/12/2022 12/09/2022
S3/SC1 1395 S3/SC1.6-2018 (R20XX) Procedure for Determining Audiograms in Toothed Whales through Evoked Potential Methods Reaffirmation 10/10/2022 12/07/022
S12 1321 S12.71-2018 (R20XX) Performance Criteria for Systems that Estimate the Attenuation of Passive Hearing Protectors
for Individual Users Reaffirmation 10/10/2022 12/07/2022