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ASA encourages stakeholders from across the globe to participate in the balloting process. However, in order to vote, organizational membership is required but commenting is as simple as requesting a copy of the draft and a comment form. Once you request a copy of the draft, however, we do expect you will return your comment form — and we also require that you do so before the close date. To participate in commenting on an open ballot, please reach out to us at To learn about the benefits of becoming an organizational member, or to access our membership application, please visit:

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01/24/2024 1537


ANSI/ASA S3.22-20XX Specification of Hearing Aid Characteristics Revision CLOSED
02/12/2024 1619


ANSI/ASA S3.13-1987 (R20XX) Mechanical Coupler for Measurement of Bone Vibrators Reaffirmation 04/10/2024
02/12/2024 1647


ANSI/ASA S1.1-2013 (R20XX) Acoustical Terminology Reaffirmation 04/10/2024
02/12/2024 1648


ANSI/ASA S1.16-2000 (R20XX) Method for Measuring the Performance of Noise Discriminating and Noise Canceling Microphones Reaffirmation 04/10/2024
03/04/2024 1599


ASA TR S12.9-2018/Part 6 ASA Technical Report Rationale for Withdrawing ANSI/ASA S12.9-2008 (Part 6) Withdrawal 05/01/2024
03/04/2024 1607 S3 ANSI/ASA S3.6-20XX Specification for Audiometers Revision 05/01/2024