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ASC S12 – Noise

S12/WG03 Measurement of Noise from Information Technology and Telecommunications Equipment
S12/WG06 Insertion Loss of Outdoor Noise Barriers at Sites of Interest
S12/WG11 Hearing Protector Attenuation and Performance
S12/WG15 Measurement and Evaluation of Outdoor Community Noise
S12/WG18 Criteria for Room Noise
S12/WG23 Determination of Sound Power
S12/WG27 Outdoor Measurement of Sound Pressure Level
S12/WG29 Field Measurement of the Sound Output of Audible Public-Warning Devices (Sirens)
S12/WG32 Methods for Measurement of Impulse Noise
S12/WG38 Noise Labeling In Products
S12/WG40 Measurement of the Noise Aboard Ships
S12/WG41 Model Community Noise Ordinances
S12/WG43 Rating Noise with Respect to Speech Interference
S12/WG44 Speech Privacy
S12/WG49 Noise from hand-operated power tools, excluding pneumatic tools
S12/WG50 Information Technology (IT) Equipment in Classrooms
S12/WG52 Classroom Acoustics
S12/WG53 High Performance Aircraft Noise Measurement
S12/WG54 Measurement of Low Frequency Sound
S12/WG56 Assessing Visitor Response to Noise at Parks
S12/WG57 Acoustic Standards for Physical Education Teaching Environments
S12/WG58 Small Unmanned Aerial System Sound Measurement
S12/L1 Noise Emitted by Rotating Electrical Machines (liaison to ISO/TC 43/SC1/WG13)
S12/L2 Measurement of Noise from Pneumatic Compressors Tools and Machines (liaison to ISO/TC 43/SC1/WG9)
S12/L3 Measurement and Evaluation of Motor Vehicle Noise (liaison to ISO/TC 43/SC1/WG8)
S12/L4 Measurement and Evaluation of Aircraft Noise (liaison to SAE Committee A-21)
S12/L5 Environmental Acoustics (liaison to ASTM E-33)
S12/L6 Construction-Agricultural Sound Level (liaison to SAE)
S12/L7 Specialized Vehicle and Equipment Sound Level (liaison to SAE)
S12/L8 Measurement of Industrial Sound (liaison to ASME PTC 36)