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ASA Standards excels in generating, promoting, and disseminating knowledge and practical applications in the fields of Acoustics, Mechanical Vibration and Shock, Bioacoustics, Animal Bioacoustics, and Noise through the development of national and international standards.

Participate in Standards Development

Become an ASA Standards Member and join in helping define and support solutions in acoustics and contribute to ASA Standards development on one or more of our Accredited Standards Committees:




Mechanical Vibration and Shock




Animal Bioacoustics



You can also participate in an ASA Standards Working Group and help craft and publish the next generation of ASA Standards.

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Participate in International Standards Development

On behalf of ANSI, the U.S. National Standards Body representing the United States on international standards development matters, ASA Standards administers nine U.S. Technical Advisory Groups and provides U.S. stakeholders with access to international standards development in ISO and IEC – from participating and formulating the U.S. vote to an opportunity for industry experts to serve on ISO and IEC working groups.


Mechanical Vibration and Shock






Underwater Acoustics



Buy ASA Standards and Technical Reports

We publish and sell ASA Standards and Technical Reports covering the breadth of the Acoustics field: Acoustics, Mechanical Vibration and Shock, Bioacoustics (including Animal Bioacoustics) and Noise.

Our portfolio comprises more than 153 voluntary consensus standards and technical reports.


ASA Standards Members directly impact the development of Standards that drive superior products and services in the acoustics field. Whether you represent a producer, user, professional society, government agency or consultant, we encourage you to join ASA Standards — and be a part of our dynamic network.​



  • Participation and Voting Privileges of ASA Standards Projects
  • Participation in Balloting of International Standards Projects
  • Complimentary ASA Standards and Technical Reports
  • Participate and Network in ASA’s Annual Meetings
  • Appointment as Expert in Standards Activities
  • Eligibility for Officer Roles on ASA Standards Committees
  • Free Membership Listing
  • Interact with Representatives of Consumers, Producers, Users, Government Agencies Who are Experts in Driving Consensus
  • Have the Opportunity to Interact with Professionals and Experts from Around the World
  • Recognition for Contribution to the Development of National and International Industry-accepted Standards
  • Showcase your Leadership and Technical Expertise by Contributing to the Development of High Quality, Timely Market-Relevant Standards

I have gained the most from the associations made while participating in working groups to write standards. I am most proud of my part in developing the standards used to protect the hearing of our warfighters . . . I feel that the Army benefits greatly from the experience I have gained here.

Angélique Scharine

Senior Research Psychologist, DEVCOM U.S. Army Research Laboratory


ASA Standards are governed by the ASA Committee on Standards (ASACOS) which directs policy, financing, and program oversight. ASACOS serves as an essential conduit to disseminate knowledge in the field of acoustics and vibration to users in industry, government and academia.

Meetings and Events

Committee meetings are among the many ways to get involved, network and contribute to the field of acoustics — we welcome your participation.


Date Event Location
May 1, 2024 ASACOS Steering Committee Meeting (11:00am-12:30pm ET) Virtual
May 1, 2024 A Meeting of ASACOS (3:00pm-4:30pm ET) Virtual
May 13-17, 2024 186th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America Ottawa, ON
May 14, 2024 Standards Plenary Including TAGs (8:00am-9:15am) Ottawa, ON
May 14, 2024 ASC S12 Noise (9:30am-10:45am) Ottawa, ON
May 14, 2024 ASC S2, Mechanical Vibration and Shock (11:00am-12:15pm) Ottawa, ON
May 14, 2024 ASC S3, Bioacoustics (12:45pm-2:00pm) Ottawa, ON
May 14, 2024 ASC/SC1, Animal Bioacoustics (2:15pm-3:30pm) Ottawa, ON
May 14, 2024 ASC S1, Acoustics (3:45pm-5:00pm) Ottawa, ON
May 15, 2024 ASA Standards “How-to Guidelines” Workshop (8:00am-9:30am) Ottawa, ON
May 19-23, 2025 188th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America New Orleans, LA


Date Event Location
April 8-12, 2024 IEC/TC 29 Meeting Warsaw, Poland
Sept. 2-6, 2024 ISO/TC 108/SC 2 Meeting Berlin, Germany
Oct. 21-25, 2024 ISO/TC 43 and Subcommittees Meetings Berlin, Germany

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ASA Travel Awards

ASA encourages international collaboration in standards development and provides two travel awards for greater participation.

Take a moment to review qualifications and procedures for both the International Standards Travel Award and the RW Young Travel Award. Then submit the application so that we can determine which is best suited in assisting you with offsetting your international travel expenses!

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