ASA Standards Distributor Partner Program

Industry standards are simply vital to business and industry, government and consumers. Standards, especially in the acoustics field, simplify product development, reduce unnecessary duplication, lower costs, increase productivity, promote safety, and permit interchangeability, compatibility, and interoperability.

In essence, the acoustics field today thrives because of the dynamic ASA Standards catalog – now comprising more than 153 voluntary consensus standards and technical reports that we publish and sell.

Expand Your Business by Partnering with ASA Standards

A major part of our ASA Standards program is our standards sales distribution partner network. This network promotes and makes our standards catalog widely available for purchase, giving consumers a seamless way to access ASA standards to support their research, product development and practical industry application of acoustics.

As a distributor, consider joining our ASA Standards Distributor Partner Program. Here are key reasons why joining will benefit your business:

  • Give your customers instant access to the growing ASA Standards catalog
  • Offer individual sales plus specialized subscription plans
  • Allows customers options to purchase individual standards or subscriptions we’ve developed by topic
  • Provide special custom discounts on bulk purchases

ASA Standards Set the Standard of Excellence in Acoustics

You won’t want to be left out of our Distributor Partner Program. ASA Standards’ catalog spans disciplines and fields represented by 14 ASA Technical Committees  – including Accredited Standards Committee S1, Acoustics, and Accredited Standards Committee S12, Noise – and includes work on both American National Standards and International Standards.

These standards are accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) in the areas of acoustics (S1), mechanical vibration, and shock (S2), bioacoustics (S3), animal bioacoustics (S3/SC1), and noise (S12) through a voluntary and consensus-driven development process comprised of stakeholders, including engineers, educators, and other experts.

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