ASC S3 – Bioacoustics
S3/WG35 Audiometric Equipment
S3/WG36 Subjective Speech Intelligibility Testing
S3/WG37 Couplers, Ear Simulators, and Earphones
S3/WG48 Hearing Aid Measurement
S3/WG48/SC-DFS Hearing Aid – Digital Feedback Subcommittee
S3/WG51 Auditory Magnitudes (Loudness)
S3/WG56 Criteria for Background Noise for Audiometric Testing
S3/WG58 Hearing Conservation Criteria
S3/WG62 Impulse Noise with Respect to Hearing Hazard
S3/WG67 Manikins
S3/WG72 Measurement of Auditory Evoked Potentials
S3/WG73 Bioacoustical Terminology
S3/WG79 Methods for Calculation of the Speech Intelligibility Index
S3/WG80 Probe-tube Measurements of Hearing Aid Performance
S3/WG81 Hearing Assistance Technologies
S3/WG83 Sound Field Audiometry
S3/WG84 Otoacoustic Emissions
S3/WG88 Audible Emergency Evacuation Signals
S3/WG89 Spatial Audiometry in Real and Virtual Environments
S3/WG91 Text-to-Speech Synthesis Systems
S3/WG93 Rotary Chair for Vestibular Function Testing