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Supersedes or Affects: Specify designation of approved ANS standard(s) to be superseded and/or ISO or IEC standard(s)* to be adopted
Create new American National Standard (ANS)
*Adopt identical ISO or IEC standard
*Adopt modified ISO or IEC standard
*AND this adoption revises this current ANS
Revise current ANS
Revise and Redesignate current ANS
Revise, Redesignate and Consolidate current ANS
Revise and Partition current ANS
Reaffirm current ANS
Reaffirm and Redesignate current ANS
Addenda to a current ANS under Continuous Maintenance
This document relates to/updates the following base document that is registered under Continuous Maintenance.
Supplement to current ANS
Withdraw current ANS
Maintain ANS under stabilized maintenance
This standard contains excerpted text from an ISO or IEC standard, but is not an ISO or IEC adoption.
Select "Yes" if this standard includes excerpted text from an ISO or IEC standard but is not an identical or modified adoption of an ISO or IEC standard.
See 2.5 of the ANSI Essential Requirements
See 2.5 of the ANSI Essential Requirements
Provide only the unit of measurement used in this standard (i.e. US, SI, units, both, not applicable). If no measurements are included in the standard, write "Not applicable".
This PINS revises a previous PINS submittal
See 2.5 of the ANSI Essential Requirements.
Note: A revised PINS is only required if the previously identified stakeholders have changed substantively (see item 6 on this form.).
Provide a one paragraph standard abstract, not to exceed 500 characters. Please note if this standard is intended to be submitted for consideration as an ISO or ISO/IEC JTC-1 standard.)
Request an Announcement in Standards Action to Solicit New Consensus Body Members
Note that participants from diverse interest categories shall be sought with the objective of achieving balance. See 1.3 and 2.3 of the ANSI Essential Requirements.
Consumer Product or Service
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