7.02  acoustic equivalent volume. Alternate method of stating acoustic compliance. Acoustic equivalent volume Va may be expressed as:

     Va =  γ po Ca =  ρcCa

where γ is the ratio of specific heat at constant pressure for air to the specific heat at constant volume, 1.400 at sea level; po is ambient pressure in pascals, which, on a standard day at sea level, is 101,325 Pa; Ca is acoustic compliance in m3/Pa; ρo is density of air, 1.225 kg/m3 on a standard day at sea level; and c is speed of sound, 340 m/s on a standard day in air with a temperature of 15° C. Unit, cubic meter (m3).

Annotation         Measurement of equivalent volume may involve both adiabatic and isothermal processes. For an isothermal process the ratio of specific heats is unity.

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