ASA’s “Across Acoustics” Podcast Features ASA Standards!

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We’re super excited to announce ASA’s “Across Acoustics” latest podcast features ASA Standards!

In this new episode of “Across Acoustics,” podcast host, Kat Setzer (Editorial Associate for the ASA) talks with Steve Lind (ASA Standards Director and formerly with Trane Air Conditioning in its La Crosse, WI acoustics lab); Donald Peterson, PhD (Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Dean of the College of Engineering and Engineering Technology at Northern Illinois University) and Derrick Knight (an Acoustic Engineer with Trane Technologies) on:

  • What ASA standards are and how this program supports the dynamic acoustics community
  • Why acoustics educators, students, industry professionals and government officials need ASA standards to drive their organization and industry strategic goals
  • How acoustics professionals can join ASA Standards and get involved as volunteers in the development of acoustical standards
  • ASA Standards new efforts to increase the use of acoustics standards in higher education curriculum via new partnerships with educational institutions, national standards bodies and other professional organizations

“Across Acoustics” is the official podcast of the Acoustical Society of America’s Publications office. This podcast regularly highlights research from ASA’s four publications: The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America also known as JASA); JASA Express Letters; Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics (also known as POMA)’ and Acoustics Today.

LISTEN HERE to this new episode featuring ASA Standards!


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