ASA Standards Publishes Newly Revised Standard: S12.3-2023

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We’re delighted to announce today the publication of a newly revised ASA Standard – ASA/ANSI S12.3-2023 titled: Declaration of Product Noise Emission Values.

Note: if you purchased and continue to use/refer to the previous version of this newly revised standard – which was designated ASA/ANSI S12.3-1995 (ASA 57-1985) – please know this previous standard is now obsolete and must be replaced with this new version just published (ASA/ANSI S12.3-2023).

This newly revised standard was approved via balloting by the volunteer members of our ASC S12 Noise Committee, chaired by Douglas F. Winker, PhD, (Acoustics Engineer with ETS-Lindgren) and with Vice-Chair, Derrick Knight (Lead Acoustics Engineer with Trane Technologies). Matthew A. Nobile, PhD, led development of this revised standard as Chair of S12 Working Group 38 (Product Noise Declarations).

The abstract is: “Information on the acoustical noise emitted by machinery, equipment, and products is needed by consumers, manufacturers, building and land-use planners, governmental authorities, and others concerned about noise in order to make informed purchasing decisions. To meet this need, this standard gives requirements and guidelines for how to properly and uniformly provide product noise level information to the public. This standard specifies the noise emission values to be declared for a batch of machines, equipment, or products and the requirements for their presentation; the method for determining the mean A-weighted sound power level; and the method for optionally determining the standard deviation. This standard is applicable to commercially available products that emit noise, including consumer products and household appliances, information technology products, industrial equipment, outdoor equipment and construction machinery, and other products.”


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