Michigan Technological University Joins As New ASA Standards Member

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We’re thrilled to announce Michigan Technological University (Michigan Tech) has joined ASA Standards as a new organizational Member.

Chad M. Walber, Ph.D., Professor of Practice, Mechanical Engineering–Engineering Mechanics with Michigan Tech, will serve as ASA Standards primary voting representative.

Dr. Walber’s areas of interest include: Sensors and Instrumentation; Digital Signal Processing; Metrology; and Piezoelectrics. His research interests include Dynamic Systems Testing, Sound and Vibration, Additive Manufacturing.

With ASA Standards, the Michigan Tech team will serve on our Accredited Standards Committee S1 (Acoustics), on which Dr. Walber currently serves as Vice Chair, and on ISO/TAG TC 108 (Mechanical Vibration and Shock) and IEC/TAG TC 29 (Electroacoustics).

Michigan Tech faculty and students are deeply involved in acoustics and sound-focused interdisciplinary research and learning. Learn more in this Michigan Tech Blog post, “Acoustics—Michigan Tech is Listening!”

Welcome, Michigan Tech Team, to our growing ASA Standards Membership Community!


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